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Biblical Leadership!

Biblical Elders
Suppose someone asked you to be the architect for a new building, but you had no experience or training in that field. Or suppose someone expected you to be a professional counselor without any training in psychology. What would you do? I am sure you would be flattered, but hopefully wisdom would prevail and you would decline the offer until you were trained to do that job. Ridiculous? Hardly! Every year pastors and local congregations ask men to be elders but provide no training for the job. We think it is time for that to change.

Biblical Deacons
What is the difference between an elder and a deacon? Most people don't know. Most assume it doesn't matter - but it does. God ordained that the church should be administered by men of differing gifts and abilities. Both elder and deacon have differing responsibilities, requirements and abilities.
Leadership Principles
Leadership in the church is not like leadership anywhere else. Jesus made this abundantly clearto his disciples when he washed their feet. The disciples were concerned about being the top-dog,the main-man, the-guy-at-the-top, the CEO. As always, Jesus turned their way of thinking upside down. Secularmanagement principles are good up to a point, but never forget the church is the church, not a business. The church is about "people," not "profit." prophecy, not programs, principles, not power.