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A Prayer Coach
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The Need

We COACH CONGREGATIONS in learning the disciplines of intimacy with God in prayer. We do this through weekend ministries through preaching and teaching and hands-on practical application of prayer principles that have transformed this pastor's life and ministry.

Pastor Dick LaFountain has pastored successful churches for over 40 years. Now he travels the world preaching and teaching life-transforming principles and habits of prayer. He provides books and resources to equip churches in becoming true houses of prayer.

Your church can schedule "A Day in His Presence" which is an intensive Sunday workout of preaching, teaching, and training that will transform the way you pray. Hundreds have discovered a renewed love for Jesus Christ and restored faith to their prayer lives by applying these personal disciplines.

Dick goes to churches of any size, anywhere in the United States for travel expenses and a love offering or pre-established honorarium. He is also available for board retreats, leadership retreats, weekend prayer retreats, conferences, camps, elder training, and strategic pulpit supply.

In addition to these day-long events Pastor Dick provides FREE access to a vast inventory of teaching and training materials that can be used and adapted in your local congregation on his web site www.PrayerToday.org

Schedule a Sunday
of Prayer Training
with Pastor Dick LaFountain

"Lord, Teach ME to Pray!"
Teaching the church to
Spend Time Alone with God.

We are here for you and we'd love to talk to you about the possibilities of coming along side of you and/or your church this coming year. We have many different options for partnerships with churches and pastors and ONE TO FIT YOUR NEED and budget. Talk to us.

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A Ministry Coach

We COACH PASTORS to renew their calling through returning to Acts 6:4 and setting prayer as the primary responsibility and priority of all men of God, even before that of preaching.

We do this through a three month to a year-long mentoring relationship in which we mentor, model, and motivate pastors on how to make prayer their priority and delight.

We believe the church will not move ahead of the pastor in prayer disciplines and priorities. He is the shepherd and they follow his lead. The pastor sets the pace for his congregation. We also believe that most pastors want "to give themselves continually to prayer and the ministry of the word" as Acts 6:4 demonstrated, but they have never been shown how that can practically be done in today's world.

The fact of churches today is that 1800 pastors each month leave the ministry, and that most churches in any denomination are plateaued or in decline, that is, they are failing to be all that God wants them to be.

We believe with all our heart that churches and pastors should not fail, that God has provided the ways and means to do the work of ministry effectively regardless of your context or community. God has provided the rich possibilities of success for every church and every pastor. The problem is we try to do it is ways that God never intended to bless. God has a strategy for every church succeed. God has provided every pastor the opportunity to prosper and be blessed in the leadership of his congregation. When we fail to do it God's way, we fail. When we do it God's way, we succeed and are blessed.

Pastor, are you succeeding in your ministry? Are you happy? Are you struggling to survive? Are you overwhelmed with people problems? Are people being saved regularly? Is God showing up in your services? Is there an air of faith-filled expectation as your gather together each Lord's day?

We believe these four areas are disciplines that every, and any, pastor can master and become successful within the framework of the gifts God has already given to him. We train men to follow Jesus in these four areas.

Coaching Pastors (Lead pastors, associate pastors, assistant pastors, youth pastors, missions pastors, worship pastors, or children's pastors, our coaching applies to all!)

o Praying (Spiritual Disciplines)
o Preaching (Preaching for Results)
o Planning (Strategic Planning)
o Pastoral Care (Loving People)

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