Shepherding A Flock

Each ministry team will be given a segment of the congregation which they are to oversee. This division of the congregation is for your eyes only. Those on the list, nor anyone else for that matter, should know they are on your list. These are your prayer assignments for the year. Your responsibility will be to "oversee" these people through prayer and loving care. This involves:
  1. Praying for them regularly
  2. Knowing them by name and face
  3. Conversing with them either at church, phone call, or postcard, etc.
  4. Fellowshipping with them (out to breakfast or lunch or in your home for dessert, dinner, etc.)
This should not be viewed as an overwhelming responsibility. Just develop eyes and ears for these people so that they do not slip through the cracks.

We are not suggesting that you be their only friend, but that you work toward their integration into the fellowship. Sometimes that will be through introducing them to other people. The list is a guide. If you have suggested changes please make that known at the elderís meetings. You are not limited to contacting only those in your group.

Your Flock
You have been made shepherds over the flock of God. Just as Moses appointed elders over 10s, 50s, and 100s, so God has appointed you to care for the spiritual wellbeing of those assigned to you. Please become familiar with everyone on your list. Contact them at church each week. Send cards to those who have missed more than 4 weeks, and phone those who have strayed more than 6 weeks. Converse with them in the church setting as well as upon occasions in bible studies, home fellowships, and in their homes. You are entrusted to "watch for their souls." Hebrews 13:17

1. Watch for Spiritual Needs:
Please pay particular attention to the spiritual needs of those on your list. If there are marital problems, job crises, health issues in the family, hospitalization, death in the family, etc., you should make those matters of prayer and, as opportunity arises, provide a caring word of encouragement. If a family on your list is absent from worship for six Sundays or more you will be notified in the elderís meeting. Please make contact by phone to see if everything is all right.

2. Visit Shut-ins:
The first Sunday of every month is Communion Sunday. It is the ideal time to take communion to your shut-in(s) and to visit and pray with them. Always visit with your team partner (elder/deacon). If it is convenient, take your wife along since most of our shut-ins are female and enjoy visiting more with a woman than two men. Call ahead to make the arrangement. They do not always want a visit, nor communion. You could use the same afternoon to spend time praying with your prayer partner.

3. Hospital Calls
Monthly you and your ministry partner will have opportunity visit those in the hospital. Please take it on as an opportunity to bless those who suffer and not as a chore to be performed. Most who are in pain or hospitalized in look forward to a friendly face, a word of comfort, and a prayer. Use your promise sheet often to take a specific promise of God to them.

4. Communion and Anointing the Sick
The first Sunday of the month we gather with the family of God to celebrate the Lordís Supper Ė Communion. As an elder you are to be part of the communion stewards team. It is also a time to pray with the sick and suffering and anoint with oil.

5. Get to Know Your People
As people attend church often they do not pursue building new relationships with church members. They may arrive late and leave in a hurry without ever having a significant encounter with another human being. The church is not just a place to go to worship. It is a body, a family and a fellowship. Godís word instructs us to "commune" with one another. We as leaders are facilitators, helping people meet people.

6. Prayer Partners and Team Ministry
You have been assigned a teammate, another elder or deacon, for prayer partnership, and the ministry of contact visitation. Meet with your prayer partner weekly for not less than Ĺ hour to pray with and for them. Pray for your flock regularly.