Meeting New People
The Art of Conversation   Biblical Conversations

Most people find it difficult to meet and greet strangers. Even elders often find themselves shy by nature and reticent to approach new people and make themselves known. Meeting new people provides a wonderful way to express the love of Jesus. Learn to do it and God will bless you with strong healthy relationships.

Most of us donít remember names very well. Names and faces in larger congregations easily get confused and lost. Keep a tiny notepad with you at church. When you meet someone write their names down within the first minute after meeting them. It will help.


  • How do you react when a stranger walks into the foyer?
  • What we say when we donít know what to say?
  • Eye contact?
  • Your Approach?
  • How can you help them? (Donít ask, just help.)
  • Hi, you must be new around here?
  • Hi, my name is __________. I donít believe weíve ever met.
  • Good morning. How are you?
Names and Faces:
  • Carry a small notepad in your pocket or purse. Write it down! Make a mental note.
  • Introduce them to someone else using their names.
Follow-up on New People:
  • Use their name. It will impress them.
  • Thank them for coming (donít ask how they liked the service - they may answer!)
  • Gently ask if they found the guest register, or visitor cards.