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Welcome to the Coaching Ministries
of Rev. Richard W. LaFountain

"Preaching, Teaching, and Mentoring Prayer"

The start and finish of every man of God called into ministry is Jesus. When Jesus evaluated his churches in Revelation 2-3 he was not concerned about growth and church size. One theme permeated his evaluation:

Passion for Jesus Christ. Nothing else mattered. The success and failure of every pastor can be measured by the intensity of his love for Jesus Christ. Everything else is secondary. Passion for Jesus Christ is the primary and requisite trait God desires for every man of God in every generation. How's your passion? Have you lost your first love? Have you grown lukewarm in your intense love of your Savior? Revival is falling in love with Jesus all over again. Pastor Dick LaFountain's 40-year pastoral ministry has been characterized by one thing above all else - His passion for Jesus. No evaluation of any pastoral ministry can be greater than the comment "Oh, how he loved Jesus!"

Pastor LaFountain's desire now is to spread that same passion to pastors and church congregations everywhere. Dick has sensed the call of God to come alongside pastors and congregations to re-ignite hunger for God and a passion for prayer and God's presence. He is now available for preaching, mentoring, retreats and training events.