Bible Study Week 4: May 16, 2019

Jonah Chapter 3 - The Wrath of God


Lesson 4:
Jonah Chapter Three
The Wrath of God

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We are dealing today with Jonah's preaching and the impact it had on the Ninevites. It was not so much his preaching as it was God's Spirit moving in the hearts of people, for if you remember, Jonah, did not love the people of Nineveh, nor did he want them to be saved. He simply cried out and proclaimed the message that they were lost and would be destroyed if they did not repent. God moved. The Spirit convicted. A city got saved.

A similar God movement happened when Jonathan Edwards preached or rather read his sermon manuscript on July 8, 1741. He read it without emotion or passion. He read it in a monotone voice. Yet the Spirit of God moved powerfully on that hardened congregaton and people ran weeping to the altar.

We don't preach on the Wrath of God today. When is the last time you heard a sermon on Hell? -- We avoid it. We ignore it. We loath it. We wish it were not in the Gospel. -- So, when Rob Bell published his book "Love Wins" and declared there is no hell, Francis Chan had to react and defend the faith. He wrote the book "Erasing Hell." Listen to these messages.

    1. Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

    2. Francis Chan in an interview on "Hell"

    3. John Piper & Rick Warren on "Hell"

    4. Billy Graham on "Hell"

    5. Ravi Zacharias on Tolerance & Inclusion (1:46)

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    "Jonah's Preaching" (Download the File)

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