In-Depth Bible Study of

The Book of JOB

LESSON 5 - Lessons from Job

This is our final study in the Book of Job. If you have missed any of our studies please take the time to go back and be sure to cover the material you missed. Our study this week focuses on Job 42:7-14 the concluding paragraph of Job's story.

Job's Turn Around
There are several important things to observe in those few verses, not the least of those is that "God turned the captivity of Job when he prayed for his friends." You will miss that translation if you are reading the New International Version. But the Hebrew word literally say "God reversed the captivity of Job..." That means his healing began with healing the broken relationship with his friends and then gradually to his health and ultimately his prosperity. Itdidn't happen over night.

The Power of Forgiveness
Forgiveness is always powerful whether your are receiving it or giving it to others. It is powerful when we are forgiven our failures, and it is powerful when we extend that same mercy and grace to other who may not deserve it. Job forgave his friends and they were restored to him.

Take note that God restored to Job twice as much as he lost. He had 10 more children and exactly a double portion of what he had in the firstchapter. That led us in our class discussion to speculate about Job's wife. We wondered what the back story was on her. Perhaps we can try toremember to ask God when we get to heaven.

Job's Daughters
It is interesting to note that we are given the names of his three beautiful daughters. Why? Did you ever ask yourself why the author was softcareful to include their names in Scripture? Jamima means "dove." Keziah means "cinnamon" and Karen-Happuch means "dark eye shadow." Actually the Hebrew word is "antimony" which was a black powder used to enlarge the eyes and make them more attractive. These daughters are not mentionedin any other biblical genealogy. So why do you think God included them here?

Questions to Ask
We ask the class members to share what their "take-away" is from the study of Job. James 1 says we need to be careful not to be hearers of the word only. That is, we hear the story of Job but do not apply it to our hearts. What impacted you in Job? What sticks with you? What are the most significantstatements or verses you want to remember?

Gleanings from Job
We have included inour documents to download what we call "Gleanings from Job" and another document that lists a number or significant verses in Job.We summarize this to help you digest what you have covered in Job. We also included parallel passages that teach the same truths. Be diligent to takethe time to look up those verses as well.

God's Names in Job
FINALLY, we have added to our study the Names of the Lord found in Job. I alway like to do that with every book of the Bible because the story is notonly about Job, Noah, Abraham, Elijah or David. More importantly it is a story that tells us about God. Many times God gives us His nameor name so show us His greatness. Perhaps you will find some I did not. Let me know if you do.


    Lesson 5 - Gleaning Lessons from Job
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This Week's Documents (Updated PDF files)

  • Lecture Gleanings from Job

  • Key Verse to Remember from Job

  • Names of the Lord in Job