In-Depth Bible Study of

The Book of JOB

LESSON 2 - Who is Satan?

Our study this week deals with the appearance of Satan in the narrative of Job's story. It is obvious that Job was not aware of the scenes in heaven that are unfolded for us in the book of Job. In fact, there is not one mention of the devil, Satan or demons anywhere in the book of Job. It should be obvious from this that Job was not set on blaming the devil for his trials and suffering. His focus was entirely on God as the author and sender of these trials.

So, two questions we seek to answer in this study:

1) Who is Satan and where does he come from?
2) Who is in charge here, Satan or God?

The answer to these questions will lead us to a deeper understanding of the nature and purpose of suffering in our lives.


Thanks for your patience.

    Lesson 2 - "Who is Satan?" and "Who is in Charge?" (25 min.)

The whole issue of Satan appears suddenly in the story of Job. We are sure that Job was not aware of the heavenly dialog going on involving him. In fact, we can be pretty sure that Job knew little if anything about the existence of Satan since he does not blame Satan for any of his trials or his suffering. In this lesson we explore the origin of Satan and his role in the plan of God.



This Week's Documents (PDF files)

  • Annotated Scripture Reading - Job 2
    I have taken the time to print out this week's Scripture portion so that I could highlight and emphasize the text as I do in my Bible. I recommend that you utilize this practice in your Bible as well. It proves to be a great help in studying the Scriptures.

  • Where Did Satan Come From?
    Too often we as believers have childish images of Satan. We sometimes think of him as an anti-god, or the opposite of God as thoughGod were somehow threatened by his rebellion and disobedience. We also can fall into the error of giving too much credit to Satan as though he were operating independently and able to thwart the plans and purposes of God. Nothing could be further from the truth. Satan is a fallen angel. He is not equal to God at all. In fact, he has to appear before God and give an account of himself even though he has already been expelled from heaven and confined earth. Study the Scriptures to learn Satan is always limited by God permissive will.He cannot operate independent of God's control.

  • Who is In Charge? God or Satan?
    That seems like a leading question but it is an honest one. It is important that God gave us the book of Job to show us that Satan is not in charge of anything! He has to obediently appear before God just like all the angels do. He can do "NOTHING" to us apart from the permission and limits God places on him. We who are believers, cleanses by the blood of Jesus, and whose names are written in the Book of Lifehave a bubble of protention over us. Satan called it a hedge of protection on us and our family and belongings. Satan can only attack us, tempt us, afflict us by the permission of God Almighty.

  • The Source of Trials and Temptations
    In both the Old Testament and New Testament "Trials" and "Temptations" are used interchangably. A trial is a test to see if we will hold on to our faith in God's loving care or whether we will curse God for calamities. Temptations are similar. They are attractions that lead us awayfrom the will of God and cause us to surrender to something other than the will of God. Learn from this list of verses what God's purpose and plansare concerning trials and temptation.

  • Word Study: Trials & Temptations
    One of the best ways to study the Bible is to do indepth word studies from the Old and New Testaments. Today you can do these quicklyand easily using a computer Bible program that is based on original languages and Strong's Concordance numbering system. We have digestedour own word studies here so you can profit from comparing Scripture to Scripture.