In-Depth Bible Study of

The Book of JOB

LESSON 1 - Why? The Main Question in Job

Our study of Job is conducted in our home each week on Thursday evenings. We will not post videos and documents untilthe following Sunday. We do not stream our Bible studies to keep the members of our class and their discussions private.

If you have a local groups of 2 or more people willing to study with us you can join us online bywatching the class lecture videos each week and following our discussion guide, as well as downloading the extra class materials. Or you are welcome to study by yourself.

Each week we will explore a different aspect of the Job story that apply to our lives today.


    Introduction to Suffering in Job (Part 1) (13:12 min.)

    Arguments Against God's Goodness in Allowing Evil (Part 2) (19:39 min.)
Using Larry King's argument against the goodness of God against him.
"If God is so good and all powerful why doesn't he remove all evil and suffering from the world."


This Week's Documents To Introduce Job (PDF files)

  • Introductory Notes - There are 338 Questions in Job. There are three rounds of verbal battles between Job's three friends a Job who attempt to explain thereason for Job's calamities and suffering. In the end God says that Job's friends were all wrong, and Job was mostly wrong in tryingwith their limited human minds and understandings to fathom the work of God from beginning to end. It is only Job's tenacious faith that clung to the goodness and justice of God that exonerated him in the end.

  • 16 Key Verses to Ponder - "I know my Redeemer lives!"
    Not everything written in the book of Job is correct theology. Remember that his three friends Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar ponticated their ownlimited knowledge of life and God. Much of what they said it wrong. DON't QUOTE THEM!!! -- Job, however, has much good truth to say and exhibits great faith in God's sovereign will and plans. Memorize and echo his faith.

  • This Week's Lecture Notes The Main Question of Job is "Why God Allows Suffering?" But the question people around us ask during every disaster is "Where was God? How could God allow such horrible things to happen?" The assumption by agnostics and atheists is if God is all knowing, all powerful and all loving and allows the innocent to suffer then He is a good God, or He is powerless over evil. This is and important point of our discussion this week.

  • The Sovereignty of God Over Evil Many people today struggle over the concept of the sovereignty of God. Job and his friends did not question God's sovereignty. Today people fear that if God is sovereign then they lose their FREE WILL. The concept that we have a free will and can somehow thwart the plans and purpposes of God is ridiculous. How could God exert His plan for the ages if every human could interrupt or ruin His plan.

    These verses attest to the reality of God doing all things according to His own will and plan. He is not surprised by evil. No natural disaster,human evil, disease, accident or earthly event takes God by surprises. He knew of it before it happened.

    JOB: The Book of Why's?

    The story of the book of Job is the story of the mystery of suffering. It is also the book of Why? It explores the great unanswerable questions of life and death. It explores the questions of "Where's God When It Hurts?" and "Disappointments with God." It explores the question of "Why God? Why me? Why this? and What have I ever done to deserved this?"

    • Why does God allow suffering?
    • Did God create evil? If so, does that make Him bad?
    • Why did God create the devil? Why doesn't God just blow him away?
    • If God is all good and all knowing and all powerful why doesn't He stop suffering?
    • What did I ever do to deserve this calamity?
    • Why is God silent when we need Him the most?

    Larry King on his Larry King Live program on CNN beats on this question repeatedly. It seems to be his mantra whether it be with Ravi Zacharias, James Dobson, Billy Graham, or John MacArthur the question is the same:

    "How can God exist who allows children to be abducted and murdered?"

    “If God is omnipotent why do tragedies like earthquakes and hurricanes happen?"


    If you were God how would you solve the problem of evil in the world?

    How would you answer Larry King's questions about God and evil?

    • Did God create evil? If not, where did it come from?
    • Did God create the devil? If so, why?
    • Why doesn't God destroy the devil?
    • Does God cause and/or control tragedies?
    • Does God control everything? Is He sovereign over all?
    • Does the existence of evil serve God's eternal purpose?
    • Why does God allow evil to happen to innocent children?
    • Did God create Hell? Why?
    • If God can stop evil events but does not, is He then evil, unloving or powerless?

    Pastor Dick's Audio Message on Job

        Job's Trials & Faith (49 min)