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Laying a Solid Foundation

March 27-29, April 24-26, May 15-17

March Retreat:
Called to be a Man of Prayer
What is the main calling of a pastor?

April Retreat:
Called to be a Man of Vision
Where and How do you get a vision from God?

May Retreat:
Called to be a Man with a Plan
Plan your work, and work your plan!

Sharpening Functional Skills

August 21-23, September 25-27, November 6-8

August Retreat:
Called to be a Preacher

Preaching Christ Crucified

September Retreat:
Called to be a Writer

My heart is the pen of a ready writer.

November Retreat:
Called to be a Shepherd

Loving people as the Loving Chief Shepherd

Sharpening Your
Leadership Skills

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Communicate, Comunicate, Comunicate!
Communication is not just talking or writing something. In our day messages have to be short, precise and frequently repeated to be heard. Tweat, blog, Facebook, Messaging, Text, etc.
Presented ONLY at Retreats

Training Key Leaders
Leaders are Readers. Lead, follow or get out of the way. You are called to lead. That means you say, "Follow me!" Do you really want people to follow in your spiritual footsteps?
Presented ONLY at Retreats

Teaching Your Disciples
There is much talk about being committed to discipling but few pastors are really setting the pace for their people. Few pastors have a specific transferable discipleship plan to pass on to their disciples.
Presented ONLY at Retreats

Training Elders to Shepherd
In many churches eldership (or deaconship in Baptist Churches) is a position of honor and importance and has little to do with what God said elders/deacons are to be and do.
Presented ONLY at Retreats

Great Board Meetings
What makes a good and efficient board meeting or elders meeting? (or any committee for that matter) Learn the skills of a good leader by governing well. End the rabbit trails that go no where.
Presented ONLY at Retreats

Creating Audio Messages
Learn how to set up online recorded messages on your church web site. Listen to audio messages from other pastors in the program. See a demonstration weekly Audio Sermons, PowerPoint and Sermon Notes on one page.
Presented ONLY at Retreats

Power Point Presentations
Jesus never had Power Point to help make his message clear, but I wonder what he would do with this powerful tool? Examples of how to create and use Power Point to serve the purpose of keeping listeners involved in the message.
Presented ONLY at Retreats

Creating Church Web Pages
Almost every church has a web site, but how you design it for usefulness will make the difference from being a billboard and being a resource tool to evangelize, teach, disciple and inform.
Presented ONLY at Retreats

Planning Effective Worship
Worship today is as important as the sermon itself, indeed, it is part of the message being communicated any given Sunday. The style is not the issue. The content, attitude and where it leads the worshiper is all important.
Presented ONLY at Retreats