"Helping pastors reignite a passion for ministry through renewed disciplines, vision and effective tools."


Nehemiah is a model leader. He had vision. He didn't get it by going to a seminar or trying to imitate some successful preacher, church or ministry. He didn't run to the nearest bookstore and to try out the newest tricks or tools building a big and successful church.

He got vision where vision is supposed to come from - from the heart of God. He went to prayer and God broke his heart with the need of the hour. God was looking for a man to stand in the gap and make up the hedge, and in this case He found one. Once he had it nothing could stop him. He fixed his face like a flint and refused to be detoured by anyone or anything until the job was done. What was Nehemiah's vision? It was to build a wall. It was, in his own word, to do "what God had put in his heart to do."

What has God put in your heart to do in your church? Why did he chose you with your gifts, abilities and weaknesses to go there? What is God's purpose for your in the local congregation where he planted you? Do you know? I'm not talking about general duties of your ministry, but I mean specifically


The truth is that most pastors don't have a God-given vision for their churches and have no clue to where they are going. They simply plod along one day at a time doing ministry duties and hoping for success in what they do. WOULDN'T IT BE BETTER TO BE DOING YOUR FATHER'S WILL, than just winging it doing your own thing?

Ministry Today exist to help pastors find God's vision for their lives and ministry. We do it through personal coaching and coaching retreats. We do it through extended times alone with God in secluded PRAYER AND PLANNING RETREATS. Three times each year we gather away for the clamor of ministry duties into a quiet retreat where we can seek God and evaluate our ministries.

The FIRST STEP in Prayer and Planning is to discover God's vision for your and your church. We are not talking about developing a mission statement. That doesn't make a vision. It's not about just making plans. That is not a vision either. A vision is when God comes to your and speaks specifically to your heart and calls you and equips you to do specific things in the place where he has placed you.

We can help you do that. We invite you to explore and pray about entering into our PASTORAL COACHING PROGRAM. It is a one year program of coaching that focuses

  1. first of all we work on becoming a praying pastor

  2. secondly we work on getting a clear vision from God for your ministry in your present church,

  3. thirdly we work on the practical strategic planning that can make that vision a reality.

  4. Finally we work with you on re-tooling and sharpening you preaching skills to get God-honoring results.