"Helping pastors reignite a passion for ministry through renewed disciplines, vision and effective tools."


Everyone needs a coach.

But what about pastors? Who is their coach? Who is your "preaching" coach? Who is your pastoral coach? Who is your prayer coach?

You are God's man for this job. He called you. He put you into this ministry. He has made you His spokesman. Speak as the oracles of God. Do the work of an evangelist. Make the Gospel clear. Invite people into a closer walk with God. Be passionate. Be genuine. Be transparent. Be real. Be practical. Preach the Word! Be urgent in season and out of season. Reprove, rebuke, exhort, encourage, instruct, correct, with all the compassion of Christ.

  • How to decide what to preach
  • Where to go for background research
  • Exegetical preaching from the text
  • Using PowerPoint
  • Using Visual Illustrations
  • Building a sermon or proclaiming a message?
  • Passion in preaching
  • Powerful Illustrations & Story telling
  • Practical Application & An Invitation to make a decision
  • Presenting the Gospel in every sermon
  • Sermon Notes and Study Guides
  • Audio and Video recordings
  • Web Site availability and archives
As part of our pastoral coaching ministry we gather pastors from churches of all sizes and denominations to sharpen our preaching skills together.

These are not just seminars or classes in how to preach. This is a training retreat in which we get down to the nitty gritty of real preaching. As your preaching coach I will lecture you on lessons I have learned in the school of hard knocks to things the Spirit of God has taught me in making me the best preacher I can be. But more than lectures I will be your coach. I will be watching you preach, listening to 9 of your messages and critiquing them to make you better. I will show you how to prepare more effectively, how to use Powerpoint, video and media, not to entertain, but to make your preaching more effective.

What Is Effective Preaching?
It is preaching that gets results. It is preaching where people get under conviction about sin, where people get saved, where the altars are filled week after week, where revival tarries because the WORD is being preached and people are hungry to hear more, and where JESUS CHRIST is lifted up and exalted not the denomination or the church's program. Real preaching is when the Gospel is presented clearly and the accompanying invitation to repent and invite Jesus Christ to come into your life is given, regardless of the topic or passage you are preaching from. I'll show you how to stop greeting people at the door at the end of the service and start kneeling at the altar and praying WITH, FOR, and OVER YOUR PEOPLE. It will be life transforming to your congregation!

This is not theoretical preaching 101. This is practical side by side, step by step, whisper by whisper coaching that will transform the results of your preaching.