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Getting Things Done

The late Don Bubna in his book Building People tells a humorous story of an easily distracted farmer who found it hard to get things done.

A farmer one morning decided to plow the south forty acres. His tractor needed oil, so he started for the barn to get it, but on the way he noticed that the pigs hadn't been fed. Near the corncrib was a pile of sacks, reminding him that the potatoes were sprouting. But on his way to the potato pit, he passed the woodpile and remembered that the kichen stove was burning low. While picking up wood, he saw that one of the chickens was ailing, so he dropped the wood to doctor the chicken... and so it went till the end of the day, and still he had not oiled the tractor or plowed the south forty.

Does that sound a lot like your life?

Do you have Ministerial Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (MADHD)? At Ministry Today we want to help you bring order to your chaos and tranquility to the tyranny of the urgent. It can be done. I know because I am HyperActive. I have an Attention Deficit Disorder. I am a polyphasic thinker and an obcessive compulsive perfectionistic workaholic.

I know facination with busyness and success, but I have learned in the school of hard knocks how important it is to BE STILL AND KNOW HE IS GOD first and foremost and every thing else takes it proper place. When I get that out of whack everything else cascades around me like falling dominoes.

There are Biblical strategies for getting things done! A very wise man told me early in ministry that he learned "that if we had only prayed more, we wouldn't have had to work so hard."

We can help. Join our growing team of pastors being coached and mentored in "getting things done" through prayer and priorities. We provide Practical Helps and Proven Strategies for "Planning Your Work and Working your Plan." We help pastors for get things done and much more.