In-Depth Bible Study of


LESSON 7 - Exodus Chapter 5

Pastor Dick's Video Clip Lectures

    1. REVIEW OF EXODUS CHAPTERS 1-4 (8 min.)

    2. LESSON 7 - COMMENTARY ON CHAPTER 5 (20 min.)


These are unedited documents and studies I use in my sermon preparation. They will enhance your study of the Word. Print them out and study them. This way we can give you much more than we can in our Videos or in our live classes.

Class Notes and Commentary

  • Lesson 7- Commentary on Exodus 5 (PDF)

  • PowerPoint Slides of Lesson Outline (PDF)

  • Who was the Pharaoh of The Exodus (PDF)

  • Charts of Egyptian Pharaohs (PDF)



    The purpose of these questions is to start a conversation and sharing ofour own experiences and thoughts on the subject.

    1. Have you every been disappointed with God? Tell us about it.When? Why? How did you or did you not resolve it?

    2. Has God ever failed to answer your prayer? When? Do you knowwhy? How did you feel when God did not answer your prayer?

    3. Has God ever seemed far away, silent or unconcerned about you?Tell us about it. When did it happen? How long did it last? Did youresolve it? How?

    4. When have you ever been honest with God about yourdisappointment with Him? After reading Lamentations 3 can youidentify with Jeremiah’s deep feelings of grief and betrayal? Canyou think of other prophets who went through times ofdisappointment with God?

    Ask these Questions

    Who? What? Where? When? How? and WHY?
    Until you understand the passage.

  • We suggest you print out each of these DOCUMENTS and put them into a three-ring binder for easy access and reference.

    Join us each week as we take an in-depth look at THE EXODUS. Online postings and videos will on Sunday evenings.