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LESSON 6 - Exodus Chapters 4:18-31

Pastor Dick's Video Clip Lectures
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    1. Ask good questions -- WHY GOD?
    2. Always remember the context!
    3. God Seek to Kill Moses - Whaaat?!!
    4. Zipporah's Angry Response
    5. Half Surrendered to God is not acceptable
    5. Moses and Aaron go to Egypt

    6. J.V. McGee's Audio Commentary
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How far is the trip from Mount Horeb to Cairo, Egypt?
(Check Google maps)


These are unedited documents and studies I use in my sermon preparation. They will enhance your study of the Word. Print them out and study them. This way we can give you much more than we can in our Videos or in our live classes.

Class Notes and Commentary

  • Scriptures Exodus Chapter 4:18-31 (PDF)

  • Commentary on Exodus Chapter 4:18-31 (PDF)

  • Genesis 17 - Abraham's Circumcision (PDF)

  • What is God's Character Like? (PDF)

    Word Studies

  • Word Studies - Details on the Family of Moses (PDF)

  • Word Studies - Was Moses Circumcised? (PDF)

  • Word Studies - God's Anger Kindled Against Moses (PDF)

  • Word Studies - Circumcision (PDF)

  • Word Studies - Circumcision of the Heart (PDF)

  • Word Studies - Ishmael's Family Line (PDF)

    Other Readings

  • Rodeheaver - God Seeks to Kill Moses (PDF)

  • Rosenberg - Moses' Sons Gershom and Eliezar (PDF)

    Additional Material from Class Questions

  • ISHMAEL AND THE ARABS - Are all Arabs Ishmaelites? (PDF)

  • Is the Arab Nation Descended From Ishmael? (PDF)


    This story of God seeking to kill Moses is quite troubling for the reader and the exegete who tries to understand the craziness of this story. It feels like some pieces of the story are missing and we are left to deduce or speculate about the events.

    1. Why did Moses include this story? How does this help us as believers?

    2. Why Would God want to kill Moses after calling him?

    3. Is failing to circumcise a son worth the death penalty?

    4. Does God kill all his children when they disobey or forget a command?

    5. How does Genesis 17:4 affect your knowledge of Moses' fear of death?

    6. How far was it from Mount Horeb (or Al Bad') Cairo Egypt? (Use Google maps)

    7. Why does it say Zipporah and her SONS got on the donkey?

    8. How old would those sons have been if Moses married 40 years earlier?

    9. Did Zipporah and sons ever go to Egypt? How do you know this?

    10. What do you think this little episode did to their marriage?

    Ask these Questions

    Who? What? Where? When? How? and WHY?
    Until you understand the passage.

  • We suggest you print out each of these DOCUMENTS and put them into a three-ring binder for easy access and reference.

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