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LESSON 2 - Background of Joseph in Egypt

    Pastor Dick's AUDIO SERMON:

                "Joseph's Coat of Many Colors"
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    1. The Introduction to Joseph
    2. The Story of Joseph
    3. The Coat of Many Colors
    4. The Proofs of Joseph in Egypt
    5. The Conclusion Joseph's Study


Please read GENESIS 37-50 for the Joseph Story.
We have a highlighted version in our links below.

The story of Joseph and Moses in Egypt is under attack by modern scholars who are proposing that it did not, in fact, take place. They cannot find any authoritative and substative evidence (historical records and archeological evidence) corraborating the story of THE EXODUS they claim it is fiction, a made up to make Israel look great.

Therefore it behooves us, as believers, to search for credible evidence of the Exodus and footprints in the sands of time that authenticate the story of Exodus. Why? Because we are exhorted to ...

"Earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints." (Jude 1:3) and

"Always be ready to give an answer to every man
who asks are reason of the hope that is in you."
(1 Peter 3:15)

We do not have all the evidence nor do we understand all mysteries hidden in the sands of time, but what we do know if for us to use to proclaim the truth of God's Word.

Deuteronomy 29:29
"The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law."

Throughout our studies in Exodus we will be looking at physical, historical, and archeological evidence that corraborates the story. There is much evidence that has been discarded by modern scholors for a variety of reasons, but mostly because the intellectual establishment has an agenda to disprove the Bible, not to prove it. Therefore anything that seems to prove the Exodus story is discarded as unreliable. Why? Because just as in Creation and the Flood story, to prove it means that there is a God who above and a judgment to come. Join us in the search for JOSEPH in the sands of time.



These are unedited documents and studies I use in my sermon preparation. They will enhance your study of the Word. Print them out and study them. This way we can give you much more than we can in our Videos or in our live classes.

  • Scripture Genesis 41 & 50 (PDF)

  • The Story of Joseph in Egypt (PDF)

  • The Problem of Dates (PDF)

  • Joseph & Imhotep Comparison (PDF)

  • The Curse of Tutankhamun (PDF)
                How quick the world is to believe this stuff.

  • Mystery Sarchophagus in Alexandria (PDF)
                What amazing things are still hidden in the sands of Egypt?


  • PowerPoint Notes from Sermon
  • Living in the Favor of God
  • Who I Am in Christ
  • 56 Days of Who I Am

    We suggest you print out each of these DOCUMENTS and put them into a three-ring binder for easy access and reference.

    Not required for our class discussions.

    Was Joseph Imhotep?
    There is a character who matches all the critera of the elevated position of Joseph in Genesis 37-50. His name is Imhotep and he served under Pharaoh Djoser. later in our class sessions we will present several parallels of Joseph to Imhotep, and concrete physical evidence that authenticates this information. In the meantime, prepare ahead by reading the arguments.

    Opinion 1: Yes, Joseph was Imhotep of Egypt from Ark Discovery.com

    Opinion 2: No, Joseph was NOT Imhotep of Egypt from Christian Answers.net

    Other links for you to consider:

  • Summary of Joseph/Imhotep Controversy

  • Were Joseph and Imhotep the same?

  • Imhotep and Joseph Were Not One and the Same

  • Joseph Mummy Cover-up

  • Decoding El Arish stone - It is the Exodus from Pharaoh's View!

  • The Hyksos "Apopi" - Finding Amalekites

    Two Outside Books on the Subject (Amazon)

    • Immanuel Velikovsky, Ages in Chaos (1952) Available for Kindle
    • The Genesis of Israel and Egypt - Emmet Sweeney (2001) Not available for Kindle