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LESSON 16 - The Crossing of the Red Sea

VIDEO LECTURE: The Red Sea Crossing

Posted on Thurday, April 23

Video: The Final Installment in our In-Depth Study of THE EXODUS:
Crossing the Red Sea (Embeded)

This is the final study in our in-depth study of THE EXODUS. This week we see the final episode in Israel's journey from slavery to freedom. Join us as we look at the facts and miracles of the Exodus.

The world of science and theology often wrestles with the reality of the Exodus. To many it is such a story so fantastic that it belongs in the realm fiction or at best in "Ripley's Believe It or Not!"

Yet, the Bible is filled with miracles and a theology of God who is above and beyond natural science and physics. If we remove the miraculous from the Scriptures we are left with nothing more than moral codes that have no more authority than "Jaywalking."God is a God of miracles or He is not God at all. After all, was this not the whole point that God was making with Pharaoh, Egypt and the Israelites?It is by His "strong hand and mighty outstretched arm" that he would get glory for Himself among the gods and Pharaoh and his priests. There is more than a single miracle of the sea dividing itself with walls of water on the right hand and on the left.

The whole story of Moses birth, life, and ministry is an inexplicable act of a Sovereign God. There is the burning bush that was not consumed. There is the miraculous power of the Rod of Moses. Then the Ten Plagues are miraculous in themselves, the final plague of the death of the firstborn of every household, except those who had placed the blood of a lamb on their doorposts is the greatest of them all.No natural phenomenon can explain it. Then in the Exodus to the Red Sea we see the hand of God with the miraculous appearance of a Cloud by day going before them anda pillar Fire by night to guide them. There is the Angel of the Lord who went before them and then behind them to blind the army of Pharaoh with thick darkness, and the fiery light he provided for Israel to cross the dry seabed. Finally, there is the sudden crashing waves falling on the Egyptian army and drowning every one of them in one swift sweep of the hand of God. Let us not then entertain such folly as to think that there are natural explanations for all this. There is not. We believe that "GOD IS...AND THAT HE IS A REWARDER OF THEM THAT DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM...AND HE IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER."

The crossing of the Red Sea on dry ground with a troup of two million people is quite a miracle. There really is not way to scientifically explain this as some natural phenomenon or a freak act of nature. It was a dramatic act of God who intervenes in the lives of men to show Himself strong on behalf of them that trust Him.

Having said all that we need to affirm that we believe the Scriptures to be literal and factual, therefore we add to our faith "knowledge." As we have said throughout this series, there are trace evidence left behind in the sands of time. There are archeological proofs to be foundwhen one has the honesty and integrity to look at the evidence that demands a verdict. In this lesson we provide some tangible evidence for thefact of the Exodus in exactly the way God said it took place. We invite you to deepen your knowledge, and hopefully your faith, by watching a fewvideos of research being done of The Exodus.

    1. Pastor Dick LaFountain's Final Lecture on The Exodus (35 min.)

    2. Miraculous Red Sea Route, Pastor Todd Fink (36 min)
    3. Exodus Revealed (1:15 hr)
    4. Exodus Decoded (1:30)
    5. Joseph's Tomb (Fink) 15 min

These are documents and studies I use in my sermon preparation. They will enhance your study of the Word. Print them out and study them. This way we can give you much more than we can in our Videos or in our live classes.

Traditional Exodus Route

Alternate Exodus Route

Nuweiba Beach Crossing

Nuweiba Beach Crossing width

Book: The Exodus Case

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