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LESSON 13 - The Last Plague


Posted on Tuesday, March 24.

Does God Send Plagues?

         In this time of uncertainty with the Coronavirus pandemic it this lesson is timely for us today. How is God involved in this pandemic? Is he involved at all? Where in He in this hour of crisis?This chapter of our study may shed some clarity on the subject. We pray you stay safe and pray God's protection over you and your loved ones.

         Does God Send Plagues? The answer according to Scripture is YES, God says he does send famine and plagues, or affliction -- but for a greater good. (Exodus 11)Another question is whether God is the author of evil, pain and suffering. That answer is a loud emphatic, NO!

         God is not the author of evil, disease and suffering. That is the work of Satan in the fallen world. BUT God uses evil, pain, and suffering, yes, even plagues for his glory and our good.God knew the heart of Pharaoh was hard and he would not change, so God sent plagues to soften his heart, but he hardened his heart even more.

         Finally the last plague came. It was the game changer. It was the straw that broke the camel's back. God touched Pharaoh and the Egyptians where it hurt most -- their firstborn children. He broke their hearts that they might one day be saved. We see that in the Exodus after this plague the Egyptians were favorably disposed toward the Israelites. God softened their hearts. Then we read that a great multitude Of Egyptians joined the people of Israel in the Exodus. They became believers!

Video Introduction (Embeded)

    1. Introduction to God and Plagues (2 min.) Opens in new larger window.

    2. Scripture Reading - Exodus 11:1-10 (3 min.) Opens in new larger window.

    3. Lecture on God and Plagues (14 min.) Opens in new larger window.

    4. Final Thoughts on God and Plagues (2 min.)

    5. Sarah Yeomens' Lecture on Diseases, Plagues and Christianity. (48 min)
         Specifically listen to the last 30 minutes

    6. Praise You in this Storm, by Casting Crowns


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Class Notes and Commentary

  • Scripture Reading: Exodus 11:1-10 (PDF)

  • Lecture Notes: Does God Send Plagues? (PDF)

  • Power Point Presentation of Lesson (PDF)

    Extended Documents on Plagues

  • The Plague of Cyprian (wiki) (PDF)

  • The Antonine Plague 165-180 AD (wiki) (PDF)

  • Biblical Archealogy Plague and Christianity (PDF)

  • Great Diseases (Tuft University) (PDF)

  • The Spanish Flu 1918 (wiki) (PDF)

  • Outbreaks and Pandemics (PDF)

  • Ten Worst Plagues of History (PDF)

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