Bible Study Week 9

The Diaspora and Septuigint Scriptures


Dick LaFountain
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on Wednesday, December 31, 2021 by 6 pm.

The Diaspora &
The Septuigint Scriptures

LESSON 9: Lecture Notes
The Diaspora & Septuigint Scriptures

An important part of the InterTestamental Period was the development of religious traditions and customs. Jews were spread all over the world. Every large city had its Jesish population. The Temple worship was not always and option, so they were forced to come up with some alternativesto keep the Jewish community together though scattered all over the world. Thus we learn about the Diaspora, the scattering of Jews, and the development of Synogugues, the Greek Scriptures (so everyone could read the Bible) and the religious orders of the day like Pharisess, Sadducees, etc.

This will be a written lecture only class study.