Bible Study Week 3
November 7, 2021

The 70 Weeks of Daniel


Dick LaFountain
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Teaching Video Clips
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on Sunday, November 7, 2021 by 6 pm.

Please take the time to watch each video and print out the lecture to get a fuller view of the subject matter. Not all the material is presented in the video. Also, be sure to think about and discuss the provided discussion questions.

    Part 1 - Introduction to 70 Weeks of Daniel (2:33 min)
The 70 Weeks of Daniel are not easy to understand. They are a mystery, a puzzle, a riddle to be unfolded with prayer and thought. No prophecy is clear at first but after it is fulfilled then it becomes crystal clear that it happened exactly as God said.

    Part 2 - Jewish Timeline and chart (9:25 min)
We review the Jewish view of history being composed of 6,000 years, Adam being year one carried through to 2021/2022 which is year 5782 on the Jewish calendar. It is important to understand the backstory to the captivity of Israel and Judah going back to David and Solomon's disobedience to God.

    Part 3 - Daniel's Prayer: Daniel 9:1-23 (11:46 min)
Daniel is urgent about the state of Israel and Judah. He wonders, has God forsaken his people forever? Will God not be merciful despite their continued disobedience. Then he appeals to the honor of God's name as the motive to have mercy and restore Jerusalem and the Temple.

    Part 4 - Daniel's Vision: Daniel 9:23-27 (7:56 min)
Listen carefully as Pastor Dick reads the prophecy delivered by the angel Gabriel to Daniel. Listen, think it through, and come to an understanding. We read the remainder of Daniel 9 beginning with verse 23 through the end of the chapter. Have your Bibles open and read along and mark carefully each item of the vision. Listen carefully as Pastor Dick reads the prophecy delivered by the angel Gabriel to Daniel. Listen, think it through, and come to an understanding. Do your own math as you attempt to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

    Part 5 - Explaining the 70 Weeks Chart (15:54 min)Pastor Dick explains his understanding of the 70 weeks of Daniel. Each week represents seven years in accordance to God's instruction in Leviticus 25. There are many differing interpretations of the beginning and ending dates of the 490 year timeline. The only ones we reject completely are those who will attempt to teach that God had rejected Israel and the church is now the new Israel of God.

    Part 6 - Predicting Christ's Return (5:26 min)Many people thoughout the centuries and even in the last decade have tried to predict the day of the return of Christ and have published their finding in books, videos, and booklets. Not one of them have been right. Why?Because Jesus said "No man knows the day or the hour but the Father only who has put it under his authority." Our study of the end times and the coming of Christis not so we can predict the day of his coming. It is rather so that we may see that his coming is drawing near and warn those who are not ready.

You can click on the image to download a fullsize chart. These charts are borrowed from other web sites to illustrate this teaching.

You can click on the image to download a fullsize chart.


These are unedited documents and studies I use in my preparations. Please forgive any errors.They will enhance your study of the Word. Print them out and study them. This way we can give you much more than we can in our Videos or in our live classes.

  1. When do you think God's time clock started for Israel? Decree of Cyrus, Decree of Darius, Decree of Artaxerxes?

  2. What are your impressions and thoughts on the life and ministry of Jeremiah? What would you have done if you were Jeremiah?

  3. When do you think the 69th week took place? Jesus' birth? His baptism? His Triumphal Entry? His Death? 70 AD? Other?

  4. What signs should we be looking for that signal the immanent coming of the Lord? Give Scripure to support your view.

  5. Do you think that everything in Daniel's prophecy was completed by 70 AD? If so, what do you do with the prophecies in Revelation?

  6. Do you believe God has rejected Israel and we believers are the New Israel of God?

  7. Do you believe their will be a Millenial Kingdom (meaning 1000 year reign of Christ in earth? Why or why not?