Bible Study Week 2:
September 19, 2021

The Chronology of Israel


Dick LaFountain
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Teaching Video Clips
Scheduled to be Posted
on September 19, 2021 by 6 pm.
But due to Pastor Dick's illness they may not be ready on Sunday.

Please take the time to watch each video and print out the lecture to get a fuller view of the subject matter. Not all the material is presented in the video. Also, be sure to think about and discuss the provided discussion questions.

    Part 1 - The Jewish View of 6000 Years

    Part 2 - Charts of Israel's Timeline to 400 BC

    Part 3 - The Ripple Effect

    Part 4 - The Ripple of David's Sin

    Part 5 - The Ripple of Righteousness


These are unedited documents and studies I use in my preparations. Please forgive any errors.They will enhance your study of the Word. Print them out and study them. This way we can give you much more than we can in our Videos or in our live classes.

  1. Where do you put Satan's fall in the timeline? Where do you find the story of Satan's fall in the Bible?

  2. Are there any Old Testament stories you don't know? Do you think you can tell each story from memory? Can you make a biblical application for each Bible story? Are there any you "don't get".

  3. Consequences of Sin: What is your opinion on sin's consequences for the saved New Testament believer? Is it any different from the forgiven Old Testament characters? How so?

  4. Ripple Effect: Do you think that Exodus 20:5 "...visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation..." still holds true today? Do the sins of the parents affect the children?

  5. Are there degrees of sin and consequences? Are there innocent sins, (little white lies), deadly or mortal sins, and deliberate "sins with the high hand."

  6. What do you think of Israel's timeline and the Messianic Age in the Jewish Year 6000? (see the link below.)

  7. Do you believe their will be a Millenial Kingdom (meaning 1000 year reign of Christ in earth)?

Chabad Jewish Timeline