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Who's Your Coach?

Everyone who attempts to become a professional athlete needs a personal coach. A golf professional may have innate natural abilities but he needs a coach, someone who sees him from the outside and can offer him the feedback that is so essential in going from good to great. An NFL football player doesn’t just go to classes and learn the art of playing football then land a job as a starting quarterback or lineman. No, there is a lot of hands on training and personal disciplines that go into making a great football player. Many naturally talented men have thought that they could go it alone fueled only by their innate abilities and they have failed to become great. The difference is training. Everyone needs a personal trainer and a coach who makes them do the hard things they would never do on their own.

One of the delights of Pastor Dick's heart is that of being a Ministry Coach. Everyone needs someone outside of his ministry to talk to, pray with, counsel with, and guide through the tough times. Make no mistake pastoring is a tough job but it's lonely at the top. There are things in ministry you can't talk about with anyone within the church. Even your spouse should not bear some of the burdens God has called on you to bear. A ministry coach is that listening ear with a word fitly spoken in the season you most need it.

There are several areas of ministry we will visit together: Personal Disciplines, Prayer Disciplines, Ministry Disciplines, Your Vision, Your Strategies, Your Planning, Your Preaching, Your Leadership Style, Your Elders and Your Reading.

  • Unlimited Access to online helps and tutorials.
  • At least two 30 minute accountability phone calls per month
  • Nine sermon reviews per year and evaluations (must be recorded) and you will not get to choose which sermon gets reviewed.
  • Unlimited emails or phone calls to discuss small issues.
  • We will spend nine (10) days together before the throne of God in three 2 ˝ day retreats.
  • I will mentor and coach you in three areas 1) prayer disciplines 2) preaching with passion 3) vision and prayerful planning.
  • If you are in the Pittsburgh area I will visit with you in person at your church on request.

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